Some of Shelly’s favorite Photos and Clients

We work with a whole litany of skills sets from seasoned professionals, local community groups, youth, government, non profit, business, and legal. Each are very special, you get to see people at different stages of life and help their dreams come true.

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Mario Lopez is fantastic to work with, very gracious to his fans, and yes girls …his six pack is the real deal.
Uptown Lowdown
Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks, two shows and what a ride. He was so tired riding up the elevator, he just looked at me with a dazed stare. Hard worker and loves his fans.


Uptown Lowdown, I love these guys. The 2 pictured above are amazing published scientific scholars. Fascinating conversationalist, I could have talked to them for days.
Nelly, so enjoyable to work with. Must have filmed him all day, wouldn’t stop till he saw the last fan. In my book, that’s cool….
Dick Pust, I have worked with many times. Radio historian, started his career in radio over 50 years ago. One of my favorite people who can get to the heart of the story. Now days you can find him on Mixx 96.1 fm
Titan Hot Seven, these guys are cool cats. Some of the best horn players I have had the privilege to work with.
Marty Raven & Shelly
Marty Raybon, you might remember him from the group Shenandoah. I in particular like his gospel stuff…. super nice guy.
WY &Shelly
Wynonna Judd is a fabulous performer and amazing soul
Wynonna & guitar player
Wynonna Judd


One of my favorite bodyguards. You rock!
Shelly Fred & Walt
Fred and Walt, amazing musicians. Fred was a fantastic drummer but most of all I enjoyed our walks and talks in the the orchard.